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Hair Trends For Spring/Summer 2006
Fine feathers make fine birds; the tailor makes the man. Although nature provides all girls the beauty, sometimes they need to make up and dress up to add their charm. Without these, without colour in their life.
Season changes, fashion changes. Not only clothes, but including hairdo. Which style suit you in the hot season?
Long hair

Long hair is always the winner even in summer. If you are one who have an idea to straighten your hair, wait ! This summer is not the time for straight hair. Choose whole loose curl, wave and gypsy styles instead. It is up to you to do small or big curl.

If you don't have enough time to curl or wave whole your hair, just set at its tip or layer them to wing. These also make you look chic.

On an extremely hot day, gathering your hair is also a good idea. The most popular style is ponytail such as a simple elegant ponytail tied into the nape of the neck, a glamorous high shine high ponytail or a more relaxed curled or twisted style. Besides these, buns in a perfect twist form and braid are maybe your another choices.

Short hair

For girls who want a new look, short hair is a recommended choice. A major trend is the return of bob. Whether it is strong and blunt with a fringe, or totally shattered throughout the perimeter, it's a striking style. To create maximum impact, bob should be sleek and glossy, once hair has been styled, finish with spray. In additon, a very short like opened ear style is also attractive.


Due to various styles, designs and colors, headband, scarf and giant handkerchief are the excellent accessories to beautify your head. These are quite popular on a trip to the sea.


Due to hot season, shade should be colorful such as gold, red, claret, crimson, black, blonde and dark brown.


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