Home Tip & Technique What should you wear when taking part in protest?
What should you wear when taking part in protest?
Since in the past, there have been many protests both peaceful and violent around the world. Have you ever thought how to prepare yourself if you take part in protest someday?

Besides healthiness, “consciousness” is an important thing for all demonstrators because whenever anger becomes one, it always leads to chaos and blood.

After the above preparation, attire is the next necessary thing that you must not overlook!

Wearing tips

1. Hat
To protect you from sunlight and dew.

Too tight clothing should be avoided because it can be cause of cramp, faint and being dizzy. It would be better to wear casual wear like T-shirt and jeans or pants. In addition, cloth made of nanofibre is recommended due to its antibacterial property.

To warm you at night and protect you from sunlight at noon

4. Trousers
Trousers with many pockets are recommended to keep all your small belongings such as money, inhalant, handkerchief, mobile phone etc.

5. Sneakers
Sneakers seem to be the most suitable shoes for pretesters. Not only being well-fitting, it can reduce pain when someone step on your feet.

6. Rucksack
Sometimes, we cannot predict what will happen next in protest. Demonstrators must be ready to move all time. So, you shouldn't carry too many things. In this case, rucksack is the proper solution.

7. No jewelry
In the crowd, jewelry may be lost easily because of pilferers or your carelessness. In addition, it won't be safe if you go back home late.

8. Handkerchief or small towel
For someone who sweat easily, taking handkerchief or small towel to wipe your sweat is a good idea.

If you are ready to join the demonstration, go! But don't forget to take the consciousness with you for “World Peace”.