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When glaciers melting
The research has shown that Alaskan glaciers melt faster because of global temperature. Alaska seems to be so far from us. Come closer to our life by focusing on attire in torrid age.
In global warming period, it is necessary to look for comfortable clothes. Besides air ventilation property, anti-bacterial and anti-bad odor properties should be considered also.

Nowadays, nanotechnology has been developed rapidly and used in a wide range of applications. One of nano products which is popular at present is “nano-silver”, a small silver particle coming with a size of 25 nanometers. Nano-silver is not a new product. It has been used in medical field since over 100 years ago. Its distictive properties are anti-fungus and bacterial growth which are the cause of infection, bad odor and itch.

In textile industry, silver particles are mixed in polypropylene to produce anti-microbial fibre. This special fibre can be used in producing various textile products such as carpet, underwear, sportswear, socks, etc. Polypropylene is a good choice in nano-textile today because it is not expensive and is stronger than other synthetic fibres

Nano-textile cost is still high because of the cost of research and technology. Nano-textile research will absolutely not stop here. It has to be continued to find higher quality products. Keeping an eye on this technology. In nearly future, it will provide us many amazing fibre and take many clothing problems away from us.