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Safety whistle
The research has been shown that the number of dead around the world have rose up every year . This is cause of sickness, accident ,natural disaster and crime. To save our life , we should know the Basic Survival Skills

"Whistle" is a small one-note woodwind instrument which produces sound from a stream of forced air. Although comes with tiny size, it can rescue lots of people. So, it would be better to find a whistle for yourself.

The usefulness of whistle

1. Whistle & swimming
Let's focus on life jacket, you will find that there are whistle in every life jacket. When you are swimming there would be unexpected event such as cramp or being attacked by poisonous animals. Only life jacket would not enough for you. But if you have whistle, you can whistle to ask for help. So, don't blindly whistle when you are swimming. This may cause of confusion.
2. Whistle & trekking
Besides compass and other camping tools, whistle is an important thing to all trekkers. If you are lost, blow the whistle. This can indicate your position and your friends will find you soon. However, we hope that you have not to use it.
3. Whistle & earthquake
If you are in the earthquake area, whistle is an important equipment you should have. This can rescue you if you are lost in wreckage.
4. Whistle & crime
Due to serious crime happen everyday, whistle is a necessity to all women and they shouldn't overlook. If you are in trouble, calm down and blow you whistle. Particularly, you have to shout "fire !" while whistle too. This can save you because lots of people will suddenly run out of their houses. Although, it sound like cunning, I think that they ready to see and forgive you.

Besides using as a safeguard, whistle also useful to traffic policeman. In Thailand, for the waterway travel, whistle is used to signal between captain and steersman.

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