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Vietnam and APEC 2006
“Towards a dynamic community for sustainable development and prosperity” is the objective of APEC 2006 held in Vietnam.
Safety whistle
The research has been shown that the number of dead around the world have rose up every year . This is cause of sickness, accident ,natural disaster and crime. To save our life , we should know the Basic Survival Skills
When glaciers melting
The research has shown that Alaskan glaciers melt faster because of global temperature. Alaska seems to be so far from us. Come closer to our life by focusing on attire in torrid age.
Long life by dietary fiber
Over 11 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year. At least, 171 million people worldwide have diabetes. 3.8 million men and 3.4 million women around the world die from coronary heart disease.What do these statistics te
The second world heritage of Lao
LNTA* - Number of tourists visiting Laos PDR in 2003 recorded 636,361 visitors (13.5% lower than 2002). This was the effect of SARS and Bird Flu. However, in the first 8 months of 2005, total number of tourists shown 34%increase from 2004. This may i
What should you wear when taking part in protest?
Since in the past, there have been many protests both peaceful and violent around the world. Have you ever thought how to prepare yourself if you take part in protest someday?
Hair Trends For Spring/Summer 2006
Fine feathers make fine birds; the tailor makes the man. Although nature provides all girls the beauty, sometimes they need to make up and dress up to add their charm. Without these, without colour in their life.
Long Rue-Lae Nok Thale Noi Festival
Besides Phuket, Krabi, Songkla, Suratthani or Nakonsrithammarat, in southern Thailand, Phatthalung, an origin of Manora Dance and Nang Ta Lung, is one of these attractive provinces.

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